Technology Presentation by Ossur Prosthetics of America

Ian Duggan from Ossur Prosthetics of America gave a very informative presentation at our May meeting in Clinton MA.

At the meeting, Ian exhibited a full spectrum of lower-limb liners and mechanical as well as electronic prosthetic feet. NEAA members found the discussion quite helpful to understand the differences and benefits of each device. Ian also stressed the importance of speaking with your prosthetist regarding what is best for you to maintain your level of mobility.

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  1. I am extremely familiar and am a user of the Ossur Prostetics. I have meet Iam Duggan several times with the prostestits from Next Step Bionics & Prostetics. I am a double above knee amputee I have been using the SymbionicLeg for almost 4 years now. The technology and the support that I receive from my prostetists and Ian makes me comfortable and feel more independently mobile when I am walking.

    I am have been to several NEAA meetings and have met some great people too!

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