Amputee Coalition Urges Parents to Keep Children Inside While Mowing; 600 Children Will Undergo Mower-Related Amputations This Year

New PSA Highlights Families’ Stories of Mower Accidents and Amputations The Amputee Coalition has endorsed a powerful lawn mower safety …

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  1. I’m sorry but this is a bit much really. Keep kids inside while mowing, really! What about keeping a child or children away from where the mower is being operated….Away from it…….keeping kids inside while mowing the lawn is way over board because life happens and sheltering children inside for this means sheltering children inside for everything that takes place outside everyday…….Please don’t act out of fear and instead act out of common sense and logical solutions.

    I know a bot who lost his arm via a mowing accident. And I am also a survivor of the loss of an arm….We must make better decisions for our children while latting them experience life…..keep kids safe but let them continue to learn and experience life positive and/or negative…..and don’t let them ride a riding mower or push a push mower until they are old enough to understand the safety needed to do so…

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